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DC Families: Batman (Bruce Wayne) & Batgirl II (Cassandra Cain)

You’re one of us, Cassandra. You always have been, and I’m sorry I didn’t let you know it sooner. Now, I just want to make sure… you’ll always have a real family… as long as I’m around.

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Best Of Cruel Intentions



Moments before the alarm sounded, Raven had been in a deep mediated state, one that could not be woken by any earthly sounds, only by her own subconscious choice. Deep within her mind, she was surrounded by dark shadows, traces of them in every corner. The air was made up of black feathery clouds, much like smoke. This was what she always saw, but one thing was different. It was not a sight or a sound but rather the lack of a sound. A piano song always played and here it was missing.

The first week M’gann had been gone, the music had stopped playing and so Raven deduced that her worry over her friend had caused the change. However, as she mediated more frequently through the course of M’gann’s disappearance, she began to take notice of a series of tunnels, ones that had not been here before. Within these tunnels was darkness; only pairs of glowing eyes serves as any form of light.

She’d come to learn that upon waking from her meditation, the eerie feeling the tunnels gave would remain and with each meditation, the feeling grew stronger. On this night she had mediated early, starting in the morning and continued into the night. By now she felt even closer to what she looked for, although unknown. She could only guess it was the key to M’gann’s whereabouts. 

As she reached the end of one tunnel, she reached out her hand, prepared to grasp something when the alarm went off. However, it was not the alarm that disturbed her meditation but rather the cause of it, a psychic energy so strong she felt instantly gripped with fear, her throat tightened as if hands were choking it.

 With all the breath she had let, she’d spoke an incantation meant to release her from the bind. Instead, she found herself in a whole other realm…

For just a moment she’d felt Raven and in that moment she woke up. She could still feel Psimon and knew he was in her head. She also felt several other minds. Black Bat. Beast Boy. and Kid Devil -had he followed her?- all of whom were under her control or Psimon’s actually. Behind them were the former fearsome five. Shimmer Mammoth and Gizmo.  From what she could gather they were headed towards Titans Tower. 

She couldn’t let Psimon know she was free and she didn’t want to panic the others.  So she would wait for the right moment and set them all free. Then he’d have a handful of angry titans. She could live with that

She only wished there were more titans at the tower to fight with them maybe she could get out a message -to every titan who my mind can reach. Psimon is on his way with 4 mind controlled meta humans not to mention the former fearsome five. If you can make your  way to defend Titans Tower and this city we need your help- She hoped they would listen 

Tim received M’gann’s message shortly after the alarm began blaring. By that time, he had already been moving, having shoved his laptop quickly under the couch. Taking the stairs two at a time, Tim raced towards Raven’s room, his mind replaying M’gann’s message. Psimon, telepath, leader of Fearsome Five. Four mind controlled metas. Could be anyone. Most likely M’gann too… Of course a full fledged invasion had to happen on a lightly staffed weekend. The alarm’s ringing was suddenly choked off.Tim paused before the door leading to the floor the bedrooms were on, listening. The alarm’s silence meant that the intruders at least made it to the ground floor of the Tower, and that meant time was running short.

Glancing through the door, Tim slowly crept out towards Raven’s door. Quickly deciding that knocking would be too risky, he promptly picked the lock. After slipping into the room, Tim’s whispered apology quickly died on his lips. Raven was gone. Well, damn. Taking another cursory look over the room, to make sure she wouldn’t just manifest out of nowhere in the next couple of seconds. Tim needed to regroup. Psimon would surely have begun wondering where the resistance was, having no one come to meet him at the alarm, Raven was gone, and he was out numbered so badly it was practically overkill.

Popping open the air vent grating, Tim pulled himself up. It had been a long time since he needed to resort to air vent crawling, and he was not as small as he used to be when he was Robin. Luckily, the ventilation system for Titans Tower was the industrial size, and he was still able to move well enough. Right now, Tim needed to stay low, observe, and make a plan. If he was lucky, any other Titans M’gann was able to contact will come quickly, on the other hand, if he was unlucky… Well, it was probably a good thing Tim didn’t relay on luck.

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Best Of Cruel Intentions


Thinking straight was becoming exceedingly difficult. She didn’t get headaches often but when she did. They managed to be incredibly awful, and this one had been going on for a few days now. A week. The last time she had one this bad she nearly killed Raven by mistake. M’gann had to leave the tower. She wouldn’t risk hurting another friend. She left a note saying she needed some personal days. Tim would understand. Eddie would be upset she didn’t come to him to say goodbye but he’d forgive her. Raven might know how she’s been feeling. The tower probably needed her around but she couldn’t stay

She flew away to the desert far enough so nobody could be hurt if her telepathy went on the fritz. She’d stay until her headache went away or until she could put a source on the pain, and put an end to it. After the Wyld had caused her last telepathic meltdown. She couldn’t say what was working against her now. If anything. Perhaps this was a Martian version of “pms If only she hoped. She laughed to herself knowing that such a thing was unlikely. It’s never happened before. So something must be coming. Something bad. All she could do is wait 

Alone with her mind she began to meditate. Looking within herself for the answers. Then she felt it. An invasion of her mind. She’d done it to so many others how could she not feel it in her own. It’s been here all along. She just hadn’t noticed it. This has been happening all week. The source of her headache. How could she have been such a fool to let this happen to let her mind get so weak. She wondered if she could even fight him off. She hadn’t felt this helpless sense her evil future came back to haunt her.

“Psimon” she’s never personally fought him so she was left unprepared, but she knew his face. and with the two way street she knew what he wanted with her mind. To created a new fearsome five. Better than before. Completely obedient. and formally heroic. Guess he was going for irony. and she was going to help him do it. Well not without a fight

“And you’re going to stop me?” a mocking voice boomed in her head ”I’m in control little girl. It’s much to late to fight now” and then she blacked out

Tim moved silently through the corridor of Titans Tower, past the bedrooms of his slumbering teammates. All the years of stealth training and sheer familiarity with Titans Tower allowed him to pass without even a scuff of his boots on the tile floor. Quickly moving through the floors, Tim slipped into the common room. The room was pitch black, with San Francisco’s lights the only illumination. Pausing to observe the city, he moved forward placing his laptop on the table furthest from the stairway.

A bright light engulfed the room as Tim booted up his laptop. Quickly signing on, he navigated to the Titans signal tracker. Each Titan, active or otherwise, is given a signal device, so if one is faced with overwhelming odds, the other Titans can respond as back up. Usually it is only activated by the Titan it is assigned to and is routed to the Tower and other signal devices, however, Tim quickly wrote a program to track the device without the signal being activated. He watched as the program traced the signals emitted from each of the Titans, before refreshing the program. Miss Martian’s device was still missing.

M’gann had been missing for weeks, not the couple of days as described in her note. Tim had read, reread, and analyzed the note. It was a fairly straight forward note, no hidden codes, the handwriting was definitely M’gann’s, and the paper matched the stationary set in her room. As far as he could tell, she had left of her own accord, and had yet to come back. It was odd. Especially because M’gann had always seemed to enjoy her time at the Tower, and had yet to communicate with anyone.

Hitting refresh on the computer screen again, Tim considered his options. Exhausting technological resources left few options, but Raven would probably be the next best bet. Maybe she can sense her emotions somewhere… Leaning forward to close the laptop, another Titan signal suddenly flickered on-screen. Miss Martian’s signal was moving from San Francisco towards the Tower. Something’s wrong with the signal. The device’s signal kept flickering before going out again just before it hit the island Titans Tower sat on. Slamming the laptop lid shut a little too harshly, Tim prepared to move to wake the other Titans, just as the intruder alarm sounded.

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